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Recommended Authors and Books:


Allen, James : As A Man Thinketh


Getty, J. Paul : How To Be Rich


Allen, R.C. : The Secret Of Success


Giblin, Les : How To Have Confidence And Power In Dealing With People


Andelin, Aubry : Man Of Steel & Velvet


Helmstetter, Dr. Shad Ph.D.: Network Of Champions


Baerg, Kevin : Created For Excellence


Jones, Charlie ĎTremendousí: Life Is Tremendous


Bastiat, Frederic : The Law


Kyne, Peter B. : The Go-Getter


Bettger, Frank : How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling


Littauer, Florence : Your Personality Tree


Bland, Glenn : Success! The Glenn Bland Method


Maltz, Maxwell M.D.: Psycho-Cybernetics


Blue, Ron : Taming The Money Monster


Mandino, Og : A Better Way To Live

The Choice

The Greatest Miracle In The World

The Greatest Salesman In The World

The Greatest Salesman In The

World, Part II

The Greatest Secret In The World

The Return Of The Ragpicker

The Spellbinders Gift

University Of Success


Bristol, Claude M. : The Magic Of Believing


Martin, Francis P. : Hung By The Tongue


Campbell, Rose M.D.: The Five Love Languages Of Children


Mason, John L. : An Enemy Called Average


Capps, Charles : The Tongue Ė A Creative Force


Matthews, Andrew : Being Happy!


Carnegie, Dale : How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

How To Win Friends And Influence People


Maxwell, John C. : Developing The Leader Within You

Developing The Leaders Around You


Chapman, Gary : The Five Love Languages

The Five Love Languages Of Children


Osborne, Cecil G. D.D.: The Art Of Understanding Your Mate


Clason, George S. : The Richest Man In Babylon


Peale, Norman Vincent : Enthusiasm Makes The Difference

The Power Of Positive Thinking

You Can If You Think You Can


Cole, Edwin Louis :

Communication, Sex & Money

Maximized Manhood

The Potential Principle


Pilzer, Paul Zane : God Wants You To Be Rich


Conn, Charles Paul : An Uncommon Freedom

Promises To Keep

The Possible Dream


Polston, Don : Living Without Losing


Conwell, Russell H. : Acres Of Diamonds


Robinson, James W. : Empire Of Freedom


Cook, William H. : Success, Motivation, And The Scriptures


Schuller, Robert H. : If Itís Going To Be, Itís Up To Me

Move Ahead With Possibility



Tough Times Never Last, Tough

People Do

You Can Become The Person You

Want To Be


Cooper, Darien B. : You Can Be The Wife Of A Happy Husband


Schwartz, David J. Ph.D.: The Magic of Thinking Big


DeVos, Dick : Rediscovering American Values


Shedd, Charlie W. : Letters To Karen

Letters To Phillip


DeVos, Rich : Believe!

Compassionate Capitalism


Smalley, Gary : For Better Or For Best

If Only He Knew


Eims, LeRoy : Be A Motivational Leader


Stanley, Charles : A Manís Touch


Friedman, Milton & Rose : Free To Choose


Stanmeyer, William J.D: The Best Kept Secret In America


Galloway, Dale : Dare To Disipline Yourself


Sweetland, Ben : Grow Rich While You Sleep

I Will