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Jim Dyer


Colorado Senate District 26













Hi. . .


††††††††††† Iím Jim Dyer and I am seeking the Republican nomination for senator from our Senate District 26. Our district is an open seat this year, as Senator Tom Blickensderfer is term limited.I will be a strong and principled voice for you in representing Senate District 26 in the Colorado State Senate.


††††††††† Your input is vital in bringing forth a legislative program that is effective in dealing with the important issues that will face all of us in the 21st Century! At your convenience, I will be available to speak with you. Please contact me at 303-795-3594.


††††††††††† I look forward to hearing from you soon.







Jim Dyer

Candidate, Senate District 26









Paid for by The Committee to Elect Jim Dyer, Allison Arnett, Treasurer