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Voices of Warriors History Project

After recently meeting a hero from World War II, and having met several other individuals with incredibly interesting stories from that war, I started seeking a way to record these stories. I have wondered why, with such incredible technological resources, we have failed to record the oral histories of these heroes, especially now that we are losing them at over 1,000 per day.


I have proposed this idea to many people with nothing other than enthusiastic response.  Steven Spielberg has been conducting a project to record Holocaust survivors, but it is only part of the story.  The warriors who freed the surviving Holocaust victims, those who were victorious over Japan and the Axis powers, must have their story told.


On February 12th, 2000, Colorado and the nation lost Fred W. Dyer, a WWII bomber pilot with a record 102 combat missions to his credit.  This man was a genuine war hero and the loss of this individual brought home to me the responsibility we all have to preserve our heritage.  Fred was buried at Ft Logan with full military honors, including a twenty-one gun salute and "missing-man" flyby conducted by the F-16's of the Colorado Air National Guard.


The vision of the history project is to build an interactive memorial for World War II.  There are movements around Colorado and the country to build war memorials for this incredible event in history, but these are rarely interactive.  We are seeking to build a system which can be used to educate people on the war, using the real people that participated and their stories.  We will seek out and arrange for professional video or audio taping of these individuals using tried and true formats to encourage discussion.  The records will be archived using state of the art techniques and other master recordings will be used to produce media for use on websites, classrooms, kiosks, or other events where the information will be of use.


Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested or have suggestions for making this project a reality.